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An Overview of Discussions and Resources from NCSI’s Thought Leader Forum on Building and Measuring Capacity

  • Topics

    Improvement and Implementation Science > Scale-up, Infrastructure Development
  • SSIP Phase

    SSIP Phase III

  • Author

    NCSI, Barbara Sims (SISEP) and Noelle Converse (Granite School District, UT)

This national webinar provided an overview of discussions and resources from the National Center for Systemic Improvement's (NCSI) recent Thought Leader Forum on Building and Measuring Capacity. This webinar featured staff from NCSI, Barbara Sims from the State Implementation and Scaling-up of Evidence-Based Practices (SISEP) Center, and Noelle Converse, Director of Special Education, Granite School District (UT). Webinar presenters:

  • provided an overview of three tools that resulted from the work of the forum;
  • offered perspectives of the event; and
  • offered insight as to how the tools can be used by either Part B/Part C staff or by TA Center staff.

May 2016


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Presentation Recording
Link to State Capacity Building Resources