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Effective Coaching Practices Infographic

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    Evaluation > Provider/Teacher Practices, Improvement and Implementation Science > Coaching, Infrastructure Development > State Education Agency Capacity, Stakeholder Engagement
  • SSIP Phase

    SSIP Phase III

  • Author

    Jennifer D. Pierce, AIR and Mariola Rosser, NASDSE

Research on professional development shows that teachers need long term support in order to improve their practice. Coaching can be one method for providing that support (Joyce & Showers, 2002; Kretlow & Bartholomew, 2010). However, not every form of coaching is effective. In fact, just four specific coaching practices are linked to improvements in teacher practice and learner outcomes. These practices include ongoing cycles of observation, modeling, providing performance feedback, and using alliance building strategies (Neuman & Cunningham, 2009; Wehby, Maggin, Partin, & Robertson, 2012). They are the recommended practices that should be central to the every-day routine of coaches.