Data Use Multi-State Spotlight

Kristin Ruedel (AIR), Gena Nelson (AIR), and Tessie Bailey (AIR), and in collaboration with Christy Scott, Early Intervention Program Director, Colorado OCE; Greg Feldmann, Educational Program Consultant, IDE; and Nick Whynott, Early Childhood Supervisor,

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Data Use Multi-State Spotlight

Many states find it difficult to access high-quality data from local education agencies and early intervention service providers. In a review of State Systemic Improvement Plans, 72% of Part B states and 78% of Part C states noted limitations or concerns related to data quality. Often times, this challenge is the result of a lack of fidelity to the data collection process. This spotlight shares how three states used three different approaches to data fidelity tools to improve data quality. 

February 2018



Part B/C/619

Part B / K-12, Part C / Birth to Three


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