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Part C APR and SSIP Phase III Development and General Supervision Activities: An Integrated Timetable


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    General Supervision

This product is a tool that integrates Part C APR and SSIP Phase III development and general supervision activities into one easy quick reference tool for Part C coordinators and other state leadership staff. This timetable is based on The Wheel: A Tool for Developing an Annual Timetable for State General Supervision Systems developed by Diefendorf, M., Lucas, A., and Reedy, K. (2008) in collaboration with the Priority Team, NECTAC RRCP.  It has been revised to include updated APR deadlines, SSIP activities, and key timelines for the Part C grant. It may be used to assist a new Part C coordinator to understand the primary federal deadlines. Other uses include providing a guide for state staff to plan out a more detailed work plan to manage the numerous federal responsibilities under the Part C grant.

The Part B version can be found here:

May 2018