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Dialogue Guide: Where Are The Stakeholders In Implementation Science?

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    Improvement and Implementation Science > Action Planning, Stakeholder Engagement > Leading by Convening (LbC)
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    SSIP Phase III

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This Dialogue Guide offers a process for focused conversation with stakeholders around important topics. Dialogue Guides typically include a source document, reaction questions and application questions that help move participants from conversation to collective action.  The source document used for this Dialogue Guide was adapted from a blog post published by the National Implementation Research Network titled: Where are the stakeholders in implementation science? (Metz and Boaz, 2016).  This Dialogue Guide was developed by the participants in a Thought Leader Forum on the Touchpoints between Leading by Convening and Implementation Science, hosted by the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI) in collaboration with the State Implementation and Scale-up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP) Center. State leaders can use the reaction and application questions as a resource to help them engage stakeholders in improving their early intervention and education systems. It includes a user guide and engagement activity.  
It is part of a suite of products developed from the Thought Leader Forum including: 
•    Grounding Assumptions: Uncovering Beliefs and Biases that Impact Stakeholder Engagement
•    Scenarios: Age/Grade Span, Early Intervention and Graduation

August 2018