Florida Builds Local Data-Use Capacity

Tessie Bailey, Gena Nelson, Zach Weingarten, and Kristin Ruedel (AIR), and in collaboration with Monica Verra-Tirado, Bureau Chief, and Judith White, Educational Program Director, Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, FDOE

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Florida Builds Local Data-Use Capacity

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) identified increasing the graduation rate of students with disabilities and decreasing the graduation gap between students with disabilities and all students as its state-identified measurable result (SIMR). To make progress toward the SIMR, the state sought to build the capacity of local education agencies to use data literacy strategies that could generalize to other initiatives, such as improving academic and behavior outcomes. This state spotlight highlights FDOE’s strategies to build local data literacy capacity and the positive impacts those efforts had on student outcomes.

August 2018


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