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Questions and Answers from the NCSI Webinar on Dual Language Learners and Family Partnerships in Early Childhood Intervention and Special Education

Questions & answers from NCSI's webinar on harnessing the potential of multiple languages and family partnerships for dual language learners in early childhood intervention and special education.

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    Evidence-Based Practices > Evidence-based Interventions > Evidence-based Interventions for Engaging Families, Policy, Stakeholder Engagement > Family Engagement
  • Author

    Taletha Derrington (American Institutes for Research), Lauren Artzi (American Institutes for Research), Diana Autin (SPAN Parent Advocacy Network), Lorraine Cooke (Egenolf Early Childhood Center, Elizabeth, New Jersey), and Doré LaForett (Frank Porter Gra

The National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI) and the Parent Technical Assistance Center Network (PTACs) invited questions prior to, during, and after the webinar hosted on December 12, 2017, titled "Harnessing the Potential of Multiple Languages and  Family Partnerships in Early Childhood Intervention and Special Education." This document synthesizes the questions and some answers and provides additional resources to build capacity in understanding and effectively serving children from birth to age five who are learning more than one language.

January 2019