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Got Evidence? Where to Find and How to Use It to Make Sound Decisions About Evidence-Based Practices (Part 2)

The second of an NCSI two-part webinar series on tools that explain the rationale for using multiple sources of evidence and how to find, combine, and appraise it to select evidence-based practices.

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    Evidence-Based Practices
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    Taletha Derrington, Monica Mathur-Kalluri, Angela McGuire, and Virginia Buysse, NCSI

The term “evidence-based practice” in early childhood has its roots in evidence-based medicine and relies upon identifying and combining multiple sources of evidence to make decisions about services for young children and their families. The NCSI has created an interconnected suite of tools that explain the history and rationale behind using these multiple sources, where to look for evidence, and how to appraise and combine the evidence to inform the selection, implementation, and evaluation of specific practices for individuals or groups of children and families.

NCSI hosted a two-part webinar series to introduce these tools and their application.

March 2019