Webinar Series on Inter-Professional Practice and Primary Service Provider Model - No. 3 of 4

AOTA: Sandy Schefkind, Ashley Stoffel, Kris Barnekow, Lesly James; ASHA: Dathan Rush; APTA: M’Lisa Shelden; DEC: Tammy Wallin; NCSI: Monica Mathur-Kalluri.

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Webinar Series on Inter-Professional Practice and Primary Service Provider Model - No. 3 of 4

The NCSI’s Social and Emotional Outcomes Cross-state Learning Collaborative (SEO CSLC) hosted a series of webinars to support stronger collaborative practices in early intervention. This national conversation aligns with: state interest in deepening understanding of the variety of teaming approaches and services provided in early intervention, and our collective need to work closely together to achieve positive outcomes. In this learning series, state and local leaders joined national researchers and professional organizations to explore current service delivery models and critical competencies needed to increase child and family outcomes by working across disciplines.

Four webinars were developed:

  • Webinar 1: Setting the Context for Inter-professional Practice in Early Intervention. https://ncsi-library.wested.org/resources/252
  • Webinar 2: Overview & Rationale for Using a Primary Service Provider Approach to Teaming. https://ncsi-library.wested.org/resources/253
  • Webinar 3: Primary Service Providers: Frequently Asked Questions. https://ncsi-library.wested.org/resources/254
  • Webinar 4: Systems Change for Primary Service Providers. https://ncsi-library.wested.org/resources/255

The diverse workgroup of stakeholders included representatives from the American Occupational Therapy Association (Sandy Schefkind, Ashley Stoffel, Kris Barnekow, Lesly James); American Speech-Language Hearing Association (Janet Deppe, Dathan Rush); American Physical Therapy Association (M’Lisa Shelden, Toby Long); Division for Early Childhood (Peggy Kemp, Alexia Foster, Tammy Wallin); Office of Special Education Programs (Sarah Allen); Michigan Department of Education (Nancy Surbrook, Colleen O'Connor); Kansas's Early Intervention Program (Kelly Frantz-Langford); Maryland Department of Education (Janette Guerra); North Carolina Department of Health (Julie Peck); National Center for Systemic Improvement (Mariola Rosser, Monica Mathur-Kalluri, Virginia Reynolds, Joanne Cashman, Patrice Linehan).

December 2018


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