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Part C Cross-State Learning Collaborative Special Collection - September 2019


Data > Data Analysis, Evaluation, Improvement and Implementation Science > Scale-up, Infrastructure Development, Stakeholder Engagement > Communication Strategies, Stakeholder Engagement > Family Engagement

  • Audience

    Families, Lead Agency, Local Education Agency, Parent Centers, State Education Agency

  • Costs

    Family Outcomes

This curated collection includes key resources that were integral to the work of the four NCSI Part C Cross-State Learning Collaboratives (CSLC):

  • Improving Family Outcomes Practices CSLC
  • Knowledge & Skills CSLC
  • Results-Based Accountability CSLC
  • Social Emotional Outcomes CSLC

This document will help you navigate and support the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Part C and Part B 619 work around systems change, stakeholder engagement, family engagement, general supervision, accountability, infrastructure development, evaluation, implementation science, SSIP, scale-up, technical and adaptive leadership, knowledge utilization, communication and collaboration, policy, data visualization, and data-based decision-making.

September 2019