Reading Apprenticeship E-ssentials

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Reading Apprenticeship E-ssentials

Reading Apprenticeship is a research-based instructional framework and approach to professional learning and classroom instruction that integrates academic literacy and social-emotional learning. It provides teachers of all subject areas with tools to accelerate literacy skills in students of all abilities. The framework can be applied to any curriculum, any student level, and any type of classroom, including virtual.

Reading Apprenticeship E-ssentials is a virtual PD opportunity for middle and high school teachers. Designed in response to the COVID-19 crisis and evolving education landscape, the PD kicks off with an intensive online institute over three days, followed by ongoing learning and support throughout the school year. Participants will experience best practices and tools for inquiry-driven instruction online, and come away with evidence-based teaching routines that increase student engagement, confidence, collaboration, and reading comprehension.


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High School, Middle School


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Behavioral/Social Emotional, Math, Reading, Science, Social Science, Writing