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RBAS "General Soup" Podcast: Episode 1 - Developing a Recipe for Systems Improvement in South Carolina

  • Topics

    General Supervision, Infrastructure Development > Local Education Agency Capacity, Policy > RDA
  • Audience

    State Education Agency

  • Author

    Susan Hayes, NCSI; Sara Doutre, NCSI; Sanjay Pardanani, NCSI

Join Beckie Davis, Director of the Office of Special Education Services, and Dr. Nicole Adams, Assistant Director of the Office of Special Education Services in South Carolina as they talk with Sara and Susan about their journey to move South Carolina towards a more results-driven accountability and supports system.  Find out what everyone’s favorite soups are, too. This episode also highlights a new “Fast Five” resource from NCSI focused on risk assessments. 

Episode Show Notes:

Hosts Sara Doutre and Susan Hayes dive into the world of state special education accountability and support systems, also known as general supervision – aka “General Soup.” Join them as talk with state special education staff about their successes and challenges in the development, implementation and evaluation of results-based accountability and support systems, share resources to help states move towards improving outcomes for students with disabilities, and drop a few jokes about soup.

February 2021