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Virtual Lesson Example: Writing Lesson

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    Distance Learning > How to Provide Distance Learning, Distance Learning > Support for Families
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    Elementary, High School, Middle School

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    National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII)

This lesson provides a structure for a writing intervention with examples of asynchronous and synchronous virtual delivery. The lesson is informed by the Simple View of Writing (Berninger & Amtmann, 2002) and it covers the three major components of writing instruction: transcription, text generation, and self-regulation. At the transcription level, the lesson begins with simple letter–sound correspondence. Transcription is continued at the word and sentence levels through word reading, writing, and simple sentence reading and direct instruction in grammar. The final portion of the lesson moves to text generation. Text generation focuses on writing in a larger quantity while maintaining a sense of organization. The student matches phonemes to their graphemes. The lesson was developed by Dr. Natasha Feinberg a Professor at Rhode Island College in Rhode Island and it includes sample lesson slides, a tip sheet, lesson materials and two video examples.