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Using Remote Learning to Turn Emergency into Opportunity

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    Distance Learning > How to Provide Distance Learning, Stakeholder Engagement
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    Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems (CITES)

The COVID-19 emergency school building closures have highlighted the importance of technology planning and contingency planning.  For districts around the country, the “impossible” had to quickly become “possible”. The rapid shift to remote teaching and learning exposed areas of significant need in schools and districts, such as access to technology and addressing the needs of students with disabilities. In the context of these challenges, building a strong and inclusive technology ecosystem that incorporates assistive technology, educational technology, and information technology is more critical than ever. In this webinar, leaders at the Center for Inclusive Technology and Education Systems (CITES) will discuss identifying the challenges uncovered by the shift to emergency remote learning, and how school systems can use best practices in technology planning to convert the discovery of challenges into an opportunity to develop innovative solutions.

December 2020