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Don’t Socially Distance, Physically Distance! How to Support Social-Behavioral Needs in Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Learning

  • Topics

    Distance Learning > How to Provide Distance Learning, Distance Learning > Instructional Resources
  • Age Group

    Elementary, High School, Middle School

  • Audience

    Local Education Agency, Principals, Related Service Providers, Teacher

  • Content Area

    Behavioral/Social Emotional

  • Author

    Teri Marx, Leanne Hawken, Stacy Hirt

Are you confused about how to support the social-behavioral needs of your learners as you return to school this fall? How can you ensure that all students, including those with intensive needs, have access to instruction regardless of virtual, in-person, or hybrid learning? In this webinar, Dr. Teri Marx and Stacy Hirt from the National Center on Intensive Intervention and Dr. Leanne Hawken, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Special Education at the University of Utah, highlight strategies schools should consider in relationship to their implementation of social-behavioral supports across the continuum of tiers in a multi-tiered system of support framework as they return to school during COVID-19 restrictions.

December 2020