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Reimagining Excellence. A blueprint for integrating social and emotional well-being and academic excellence in schools

This blueprint is founded on the belief that all students can succeed when learning is supported by equitable systems.

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  • Topics

    Evidence-Based Practices > Evidence-based Interventions > Evidence-based Practices for Social and Emotional Development, Racial Equity, Stakeholder Engagement > Family Engagement, Systems Alignment
  • Author

    Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety, Region 13 Comprehensive Center and NCSI

This blueprint was designed with input from in-person and remote educators, leaders, researchers, professional learning providers, and technical assistance providers — strives to detail the indicators of learning programs that successfully integrate equity, well-being, and academics. The blueprint leverages an asset-based approach that values diversity in race, culture, language, ability, and ways of interacting with the world, rather than characterizing students and families by what they may need or lack.

April 2021