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DMS Protocols Adapted for TA Centers - Dispute Resolution: State Complaint

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NCSI has created TA Center Adapted Protocols for Part B and Part C for Dispute Resolution: State Complaints.

The protocols are developed and organized in the following way—

Question:  Overarching area and question related to themonitoringcomponent.

General Information:  A listing of statements about what the State would need to effectively answer the question.

Possible Follow-up Questions:  Questions designed to more closely examine areas addressed by theGeneral Information.The questions included within this section are examples of what may be asked; OSEP may ask additional questions that are not listed to ensure understanding.

Areas (or issues) for Follow-up:  Issues which could:

  1. result in findings of noncompliance if verified, or areas of concern that may not rise tothe level of a finding of noncompliance butrequire follow-up;
  2. lead to a finding of noncompliance if the State does not have a process or procedure to meet the Basic Requirement; or
  3. be areas that suggest the need for technical assistance or further discussion.

Additional protocol topics available include:

  • Data and SPP APR
  • Dispute Resolution - Due Process
  • Dispute Resolution - State Complaint
  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Mediation
  • Sustaining Compliance and Improvement